Budget Blue Print

taught by Himiko Sadiki

Course Description

Life on your terms, debt free! The course is broken into 7 modules and I, Himiko Sadiki, will walk you through each step. I will show you just how to get out of debt using your own money, how to create a fail proof emergency fund, how to trim the fat, how to properly create a savings plan, how to live on cash so you can live life on your terms and finally how to re-establish and understand your true fico score.  As a special bonus, I have created an exclusive Budget Blue Print Facebook group for all of those in the course to support, like, and share each other’s success’s on the road to financial freedom - so, you basically have a built in support group! PLUS I have added two extra bonus sections to ensure you re-build your credit without using a credit card and the very best credit repair company to give you personal, on the spot advice about your credit situation. Finally, I have always said Budget Blue Print was created to empower you, so now you are affiliate and can share the gift of financial peace – you can earn while you learn.  I will teach you how to get the budget blue print for free. 

The Budget Blue Print is your road map to financial peace:

  • Your clarity to what your true fico score is
  • Your Fail proof way to savings
  • Your step by step guide to building an emergency fund
  • Your guide to trimming the fat
  • Your hand holding way of ensuring
  • You know where every dollar is going
  • Learning to live on less so you can have more
  • And last but not least the Road Map Worksheet (the meat and potatoes)

And here’s the great thing - I know time is money, so I wanted to make this course as efficient and accessible as possible - you can complete this entire course in under 2 hours!!

See you on the inside!

Himiko Sadiki
Himiko Sadiki
Budget Blue Print Creator

Hey Welcome! I am Himiko Sadiki

… boy how did I get here?

2008…The beginning of a white picket fence life being turning upside down.. I was living in a beautiful 3200 Sqft house, Successful real estate agent, fitness instructor, nice cars, handsome husband and baby on the way… everything I knew to be my perfect life began to get shaky. I had 4 rental homes totaling 11K a month in payments and a declining Real Estate business …. And that is where it all began.

I felt fear, anxiety and depression creeping in asking to take up residency in my head… I found myself just looking for a way out…. a way out of the debt, a way to get ahold of my lack of self-control over what I was eating and control over the mounting weight taking over my 5”2 frame. I lost everything, filed a bankruptcy, stopped teaching fitness class and was just looking for a soft place to land. Someone to help lift me up... to show me the way, tell me it was gonna be ok… I had no money, a weak Real Estate business, no longer teaching workout classes, overweight, a failing marriage, new baby and did I mention on my way to being homeless ….

Then in 2014.. it all came crashing like a title wave… Divorce, 3 kids and now a single mother, self-employed, 72K in back taxes, a large debt to pay off and nowhere to turn but inward. I began the journey in.. I read books, googled and Youtube, went to self help seminars, yoga, prayed you name it… then that is when it happened…..

I decided.. ENUFF is ENUFF. I strapped up, put away the tissue and set out to make it thru the fire… After spending 1year attacking my finances head on, I got rid of the back taxes in 8 months’ time, paid off my hefty debt and now live a debt free life. I went from a 535 fico score to now 765 fico score! Now I’m here as your coach an mentor to help you do the same… I am here to inspire you. Lift you to new heights... be the friend to laugh and say you got this… I believe in you… Sometimes we just need someone that has been thru it to light the way… and that is what we I am here for….

Welcome.!!! I am Himiko Sadiki.. Lets Get Started with you…